The 5 MOST IMPORTANT things you need to know when selling your home!

JAG realty

We have the !

  • #1 Best of both worlds - old school feel, new school techniques

    We come from a time of Thomas guides not a talking android or some Siri lady on the iPhone, but we also have a digital marketing division that speak geek so well, they will have spinning in your chair. How does that translate to YOU? We are the culmination of old school feel, with new school techniques!

  • #2 social interaction

    We leverage social media like nobody’s business! Due to our approach, business relationships and sphere of influence – our social presence is a commanding one. Some of our videos have had over 20,000 combined views, list with us and allow us to leverage our every growing network for you!

  • #3 professional photography

    Canon got it right in the 90’s “Image is everything”. Why advertise a half million dollar property or million dollar luxury property and have the pictures captured of your home with an iPhone? We are not kidding you, there are some that have done it. We know how much impact the visual has on a person’s first impression of a home. We produce top quality only.

  • #4 Tailored to your exact needs

    We adapt our process based on the needs of the client, but the core values of honesty, communication and perseverance resonate in each transaction as well. We make sure the client feels comfortable asking questions until they understand the process entirely.

  • #5 Negotiate and close

    We protect the sellers’ interests throughout the entire negotiation to ensure that price, terms and timing serve their needs. JAG brings a unique stance in our home selling process in that we continue to stay involved with overseeing the lender side, even though that is usually a service only provided for buyers.

Seller’s love our marketing plan – here’s why!

Seller’s Testimonials

We set the bar HIGH on Social Media!

This post engaged over 700 and COUNTING! w/ nearly 30 hours view time.

An amateur Facebook marketer or a company that is new to social media marketing on Facebook is probably just happy if their business page gets a lot of likes. This is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made on Facebook.

While the rest of our competitors are focusing on the number of likes, we focus on engagement. Most people like a page because they see their friends do so or because they liked that particular brand at a certain point in time. Most people forget about the pages they liked so a high number of likes on a page does not necessarily mean that the brand is doing well. We specialize in conversations and conversions!

nearly 10,000 reached on ONE post!

We understand people don’t go to Facebook to buy a home. But we know the people who are buying homes are on Facebook.

10k Reach!

Pro Tip: 92% of home buyers are searching on the internet. Listings with professional photography are viewed 61% more than others.

Jennifer Gelles - JAG Realty“The real estate process doesn’t need to be complicated when you have the right representation. To secure that great deal, you’ll need an experienced negotiator, and my clients can rest assured knowing that I work hard to make sure they get the most out of their time and money.”

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